Thirsty Jenny

Wells, Somerset

Thirsty Jenny get their name from a teacher at the school all the members studied at in Wells (she’s not particularly thirsty, it just has a nice ring…), which is fitting as the band began as an after school club that shrunk to a dedicated core. Members began leaving for university but the band that had formed wanted to carry on, and has morphed into a project in its own right and about which its members are very passionate; musically and for the sheer enjoyment of playing together, something they bring to the stage.

The music is eclectic: tunes and songs from many locations, thoughtfully arranged for an up to 7 piece outfit (when appearing as a full line-up). We’ve been getting toes-tapping at festivals like Hothouse, Priddy, Stogumber and Burnham on Sea and are always looking to expand. We’ve found it’s a different experience every time Thirsty Jenny get together.


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